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Brief description of our educational system (IV).

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The theoretical phase of these courses can be studied at the pace chosen by the student. You may purchase each lesson independently from the rest and from anywhere in the world. Thus, if you want to just learn a bit but are not interested in a whole course, you may proceed so instead of investing a larger sum just to get a tiny bit, and our fees are very reasonable (N.E: see section (3.2)).

An instructor will be assigned to you the first time you purchase a lesson, and you will work thorough email. You will receive your assignments via email, study and submit your homework using email and the Internet.

You may use any bibliography dealing with the same topics than each course. The Gea Org will provide you with its own material available online at Andinia.com, as well as lists of books which we have found most adequate for these courses, albeit you are not required to purchase them (N.E: see section (3.5)).

After finishing all lessons that constitute a course and receiving satisfactory grades for all lessons, your instructor will send you via traditional mail a certificate stating the fact that you have finished the theoretical phase of the course. Thus, it is important that send us your correct address.

All our instructors have years of experience.

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