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Brief description of our educational system (V).

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Once you have finished the theoretical phase of one of our courses, you may step into the experiential phase. In the case of many courses you will then be required to actually meet with your instructor(s) because you will actually participate of expeditions and field experiments. In some cases that may not be necessary and you will be required to write essays or studies related to the course's theme. All these activities have their own costs and fees which are independent from theoretical activities (N.E: see section (2.1)).

If you are a member of The Gea Org there is no charge for any of these activities, be them theoretical or experiential, and if you would like to study various of our courses, it may be financially advisable for you to seek membership within our group. Members of The Gea Org don't pay any fees whatsoever, but incorporation within the group is rather selective.

If you finish successfully both the theoretical as well as the experiential phase of one of our courses, your instructor will send you a certificate of completion. Please note that this is a higher level of certificate to that which will be send to you after you finish the first phase.

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