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Brief description of our educational system (VII).

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There are multiple reasons for this. For example, there has to be some 'pressure' over students in order to 'force' them to do their homework. But the most important one is that courses are being constantly upgraded, and after two years it may become unsound to attempt to qualify using older standards.

The work of each student is graded in a scale ranging from zero to ten points, being the higher number the best score. A grade of seven points is required as a minimum to pass each lesson.

If you don't pass a lesson, you will be required to repeat your assignments. You will have two additional chances or two years to do so without incurring in further costs. If any of these conditions is met (i.e. your get a grade lower than 7 three times or you don't complete your assignments for more than two years), you will have to purchase the lesson again. Most lessons can be completed in a couple of days.

There is not a maximum age limit for these courses, but you should be at least 18 years old to purchase each lesson.

Sea and desert.
These courses would be useful everywhere.

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