P. Edronkin

Skikets: Skiing in Patagonia with a new board concept (III).

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3)- A high degree of modularity and scalability in all components, which are interchangeable.

4)- The use of locking devices that allow the use of conventional footwear.

5)- An overall lower cost when compared with most commercial products.

6)- A different shape: at 150 x 14 cm the 'skikets' are shorter and wider than traditional designs, thus facilitating transportation in vehicles, backpacks, etc.

It is important to take into account that the 'skikets' were designed not for high-performance competition, but for heavy-duty outdoor usage, mainly within the context of long-range winter and summer expeditions or patrols.

Thus, it was very important to achieve great flexibility, low weight and survivability of all components. These boards can be easily cannibalised in the event of partial destruction, and can be used as rackets, alpine or Nordic boards with no modification whatsoever. We even tested them in the streets of Buenos Aires, that is, over asphalt, and they worked fine!

Skiing in the Andes Andes.
Some nordic-style 'skiketting'.

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