P. Edronkin

Skikets: Skiing in Patagonia with a new board concept (IV).

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To our surprise, the terrain around Cerro Bolsón had not as much snow as we expected, albeit there were still significant snow-covered areas. Therefore, we could not use the 'skikets' as we had originally expected.

We decided to give them a try, nevertheless, and so, we found a very nice, small glacier exactly at the border between Argentina and Chile, which was perfect for our intentions.

The boards worked much better than we expected. Among other things, we found out that we could use our boards to actually climb up rather steep snow-covered hills much better that with nordic boards, and at the same time, their structural flexibility made them more than adequate for alpine-style descents over irregular or uneven snow. We did not even waxed our boards before using them.

As these were the first trial runs of the new 'skikets', we tried to remain prudent in the usage of these things. Our descents just achieved speeds averaging 50 km/h thorough the hills, streams and canyons of that uncharted and virgin spot in Patagonia.

Skiing in the Andes.
A pair of 'skikets'.

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