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Nepalese lifestyle (I).

By Min Kc.

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Daal Bhaat-Tarkari, is regularly eaten twice daily, with the right hand, by most Nepalese people. It consists of a heaping plate of boiled rice with a large portion of lentil gravy along with fried curried seasonal vegetables and a pickle relish. Fruits are enjoyed between meals. There is variety, but daal-bhaat is the basic food which many enjoy. Most of the food eaten by a large part of the population is home grown.


More and more children are being educated in Nepal. While primary government schools are essentially free of cost, many children live long distances away, and even the low cost for supplies and uniforms is beyond the reach of too many families. Consequently the literacy rate is still very low in rural areas, especially among girls, who are not always sent to school.


Medical service is still difficult to get in hill and mountain villages. It is not uncommon for people to have to walk for as many as five hours to get to a rural Health Post. Even then, a doctor, nurse, or necessary medicine may not be available there. Costs are a major issue as well.

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