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Winter sports advice: how to make your own goggles (I).

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The reflection of sunlight on water, stones and particularly snow and ice may produce ocular lesions and momentary or even permanent blindness.

Thus, during any outdoor adventure it is necessary to carry some kind of eye protection, like sunglasses or goggles in order to avoid any sight ailments.

However, during treks, and more especially in the event of an emergency or survival situation, sunglasses or other means may be lost, destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

In such a case, you have four possible alternatives:

1)- Expose your eyes to the open environment when sunlight is diminished beyond any danger threshold, such as at dusk or during the night.

2)- Remain in dark places without any direct exposure to the sunlight.

3)- Attempt to fulfil all duties in the open before the light of the sun becomes harmful.

4)- Improvise a pair of goggles.

An explorer with improvised goggles.
An explorer with improvised goggles during an extreme ski expedition.

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