P. Edronkin

Winter sports advice: how to make your own goggles (II).

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The first three alternatives are very limiting. The fourth is indeed the most practical for it does not entail any restriction on movement or work capabilities, and since it is rather easy to improvise a couple of goggles or masks, it is also worth a try.

In order to make your own mask or pair of winter goggles, you have a lot of possible techniques at hand, but one of the simplest and fastest consists in using a piece of dark fabric or cloth placed around your head and covering your eyes.

If the fibres of the cloth are not very tightly knit together, the spaces left between them will allow some light to pass, but this amount will be much less than the total sunlight available in the surrounding environment, thus obtaining a similar effect as what would be accomplished with a pair of sunglasses.

If you don't have such pieces of cloth, you may use other flexible materials where you would have to punch a number of holes in order to obtain a similar effect. Make these small and closely together.

Even if you don't have flexible materials, you may make holes or cuts on harder surfaces such as plastic, wood or even metal. The principle is the same, and the results will be equally good.

An explorer with improvised goggles.
Detailed view of the improvised goggles.

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