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Skiketting (I).

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Skiketting is our 'sport'. We invented it - literally - when we built special ski boards for us with special characteristics in order to enable us to move thorough uncharted areas in Patagonia.

These ski boards have characteristics found on alpine, Nordic and military models, as well as some proper of snow rackets. Thus, being a combination of skiing boards and rackets, we called them 'Skikets.'

Skikets allow you to move over varied kinds of snowy terrain in conditions which otherwise would require you to use alpine and Nordic variants, military accessories as well as snow rackets.

In essence, alpine boards allow you to go downhill; Nordic-style skiing boards are designed for cross-country movement; military variants allow you to use non-specialised equipment, such as regular boots, instead of specialty items, and snow rackets are designed to walk over heavily snowed areas.

Skikets can do all this and substitute all these models and variants simply because they were designed specifically to do so, and skiketting consists - briefly speaking - in the application of all those techniques on a single occasion and simultaneously.

We have already developed some new skiing techniques for skiketting. Briefly, the use of skikets is not so different from the sum of alpine, Nordic military and racketing techniques put all together, albeit it may be hard to adapt at the beginning. It is a skiing style on its own

Esquiando en los Andes.
A skiketter gone Nordic in the southernmost part of South America, Patagonia...

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