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Skiketting (II).

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Since skikets are shorter and wider than traditional skiing boards they may be used as rackets, and their characteristic adherence is effective enough as to allow you to walk normally, if required.

They also enable you to move downhill at reasonable speeds, and being very flexible due to the construction techniques as well as the materials employed, skikets adapt easily to irregular terrain.

The locking devices used to attach your footwear to the boards have been adapted from military models and are quite versatile. You may use almost any kind of footwear, instead of special boots.

At the same time, these locking devices allow you to lock your boots in two different ways: first, as in the case of alpine variants, and then, like Nordic-styles boards and locks.

Once you put them on, skikets don't feel exactly like other boards or snow rackets. For example, since they are approximately 25% shorter than comparable models used in other disciplines, the user feels less constrained.

Differently from Nordic-style boot locks, those of our skikets don't provoke the feet to rotate along the toes. Instead, the feet are locked over a metallic plate which rotates. This naturally makes a skiket feel different from Nordic-style skiing boards.

The main difference with these is that by providing such a metallic base plate the effort on your footwear becomes less demanding. Additional fitting is provided by means of a metallic cable with tensors, which holds your feet horizontally, and a vertical strap, which assures complete immobility.

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