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Skiketting (III).

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In the event of a fall, the tensors open, and your boots are liberated from the locking device in order to prevent further problems with your feet.

When we began working on this project, we knew that we would have to come up with a design capable of performing horizontal, downhill and uphill movement, as well as step-by-step, like in the case of snow rackets.

Also, if possible, it would have to end being a low-cost and simple affair. In this regard, skiket boards are quite inexpensive and don't require many accessories such as special boots.

But who needs snow for skking, anyway? The fact is that we ended with a concept applicable to all those cases but we even tried our skikkets and used them successfully on the streets of Buenos Aires at Christmas time, during the warmest part of the austral summer.

In other words, you may get out of your home, put on your skikets and start skiing or walking in the style that you prefer, using your regular winter shoes with no adaptation or preparation whatsoever, and if you would like to practice a little skiing at your local park or plaza, during the summer, you may even be able to do so!

Esquiando en los Andes.
Downhill in Alpine fashion, but in Patagonia...

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