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Skiketting (IV).

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But skiketting is more than putting these skiing boards on. This variant that we have developed has many things in common with extreme skiing, and involves the use of additional techniques as well since by definition, we go skiketting on wild and isolated, cold areas.

The terrain encountered during a skiketting expedition may not differ at a glance from the kind of landscapes and difficulties found by people who are fond of extreme skiing, but in the case of our own variant we should add that the isolation is more noticeable: our preferred place to practice skiketting is, for example, about four days of walk away from the nearest human being.

That is, a skiketter must not only be a reasonably competent skier, but should also have good knowledge of survival, climbing and other techniques.

The reason for this is simple: in skiketting practice there are no prepared tracks, no indications, no maps and no assistance whatsoever. Isolation is remarkable and once you begin moving you are, literally, just on your own and you never really know what is ahead of you or where you will eventually end.

Skiketting implies using an assortment of techniques coming from various skiing styles almost at the same time, expeditions usually last for weeks, there are no hostels, no instructors, no rescue teams and people around, and if you want a shelter or cabin, you would have to build it for yourself. Thus, survival situations during such expeditions are real.

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