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The goal of a skiketting expedition may vary. That is, you may just take your boards out for a short trip, you may use them to reach a far away valley or a mountain. During these voyages you will encounter terrain without snow as well, and thus, the use of trekking, camping and even path finding techniques will take place as well.

You may reach high speeds, or you may not. That is not really the issue here: as a skiketter you must pay attention to other things such as the obstacles in your way, the places where you would spend the night, your bearing, etc. in order to reach your goals. It is the combination of all these elements what defines this 'sport.'

This is a fundamental difference with extreme skiing. Not only you use additional skiing techniques on skiketting expeditions, but you complement them with other outdoor skills.

Environmental conditions, the strain caused by weeks of living in caves, tents and ice crevasses, the fact that you know that there is no real chance of finding anyone on your way are the factors that help construct the concept of skiketting.

A few days after each expedition begins, you will have difficulties recognising yourself because you may well end skiing in rags, but you will have even more difficulties if you try to associate yourself with all those folks who go skiing at fashionable resorts, which will begin to appear as funny to you.

Skiketting is not for those who like the good life normally associated with skiing holidays. You may even have to improvise your own gear. It is, to put it mildly, a wild version of the sport.

Esquiando en los Andes.
And here is a more detailed view of the interchangeable aft section,
all components are standard and compatible with our gear,
as in the case of paintball and live weapons,
also used during our skiketting expeditions.

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