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As you may have already noticed, we who integrate the staff of Andinia.com always wanted to show more than links in our site. We always wanted our search engine to be different and so, we began publishing our own photographs and written material. More related information here.

All this information is real, and the pictures that you can see just about everywhere were taken in many cases under extreme circumstances. Winter sports are no exception in this regard.

As in many other cases, we have developed our own skiing equipment, and even our own version of the sport. Anyway, if you would like to know more about these comments, and see proof that we are not kidding, you just have to visit the links listed on this particular page.

From this page you can access the information that we publish about winter sports and particularly, our own skiing fashion. If you are an addicted to snow, don't forget to bookmark it for what you will see here, you will not find anywhere else.

1)- Skikets: skiing in Patagonia with a new board concept, by Pablo Edronkin.

2)- About your adventure clothes, by Pablo Edronkin.

3)- Skiketting: a new winter 'sport', Por Pablo Edronkin.

4)- How to make your own goggles, by Pablo Edronkin.

5)- Emergencies during wilderness trips, by Pablo Edronkin.

6)- GPS systems and some of their limitations, by Pablo Edronkin.

7)- Shelters, by Pablo Edronkin.

8)- Patagonia, by Pablo Edronkin.

9)- How to correctly use your backpack (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

10)- Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency, by Pablo Edronkin.

11)- Your adventure footwear, by Pablo Edronkin.

12)- The photographic equipment that you should carry, by Pablo Edronkin.

13)- Nutrition: extreme cooking (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

14)- A proper way to dispose of your litter, by Pablo Edronkin.

15)- Avalanche guns, por Pablo Edronkin.

16)- Taking your skiing boards in your backpack (in Spanish), by Pablo Edronkin.

17)- Lake Los Rizos: where you can go skiing during the summer, by Pablo Edronkin.

18)- Mountaneering and other sports (in Spanish), by Federico Ferrero.

19)- Sacrifice sports (in Spanish), by por Federico Ferrero.

20)- Judo applied to mountaineering (in Spanish), by Federico Ferrero.

21)- Sports may not be good, sometimes (in Spanish), by Federico Ferrero.

22)- Differences vetween an explorer and a mountain climber (in Spanish), by Federico Ferrero.

23)- Related bibliography, by Andinia.com.

24)- How to become a skiketter, by Andinia.com.

25)- Becoming an explorer, by Andinia.com.

26)- Related courses, by Andinia.com.

27)- Related technologies, by Andinia.com.

28)- Winter sports gear shop, by Andinia.com.

29)- Buy now your air tickets, hotel reservations and tourist packages, by Andinia.com.

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Skiketting in the far south.
Skiing with skikets in Patagonia is called skiketting.

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