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Mount Plataforma (II).

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Cerro Plataforma resembles a platform or plateau, hence the name. It is located in a quite unstable area, and rocks falling and avalanches are quite a common sight. Access to the mountain in not quite easy.

For reasons related to planning and the difficulties involved during transportation of all provisions and material, it is recommendable to calculate a stay of about three weeks with everything that a person can carry on one trip (about 50 kg on the backpack). Air drops or helicopter support are possible; there are open areas which could be used for VTOL operations, and a lake on top of the platform may be used by seaplanes.

Water is not a complicated issue on Cerro Plataforma. Despite the fact that the mountain lacks a proper glacier and sports only semi - permanent snow fields during the summer, there is plenty of liquid in the area. It is not recommendable to attempt reaching Cerro Plataforma during the winter due to the thickness of the snow and the risk of avalanches, although you may use skiing boards during most of the trip.

The first part of the trek to Cerro Plataforma begins after you cross lake Puelo either by means of a boat or walking around it, a feat that may take a whole day in both cases, since the lake is fairly big and therefore walking thorough the trail that surrounds it amounts to a whole standard trekking day, and strong winds impede the use of vessels during many hours.

Mount Plataforma.
One of the lakes during a chilling summer dawn.

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