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Mount Plataforma (V).

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On top of the plateau there is yet another lake which is remarkable circular in its shape. We found out before charts and maps were made using satellite photography that this lake had not been registered and so, in 1993 Gustavo Sakuda, Emiliano Paredes and the author registered it at the Instituto Geografico Militar, in Buenos Aires.

This lake, which we know as 'Liasic Sea' is roughly circular and has a radius of about one kilometre. It is the source and origin of two significant water streams: one goes down to the north and ends joining the Turbio River (this is the stream that you cross twice while climbing), and another that goes straight to Lake Cholila, to the south.

Since the lake is located on top of the plateau which is surrounded by vertical walls of about 150 m height, the water streams go down from there by means of quite picturesque waterfalls.

Regarding access to the platform itself, the walls are not an easy climb, but walking counter clockwise, starting on the northern tip of if, you will find a couple of entrances or canyons where with some ability and hopefully, a set of ropes and basic climbing gear you will find your way up. Going down may require rapelling techniques over extended stretches.

You should watch out for strong winds near the cliffs, and under no circumstances you should walk near the abyss if you do not have a good reason to do so: if you are on top of the platform, you may fall down, and if you are on the base of the platform, be aware that rocks and pieces of ice are falling all the time.

Mount Plataforma.
Prof. Michael Griffin collecting samples.

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