Don Pablo Edronkin

Mount Plataforma (VI).

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Fossils can be found just about everywhere, but please be responsible with them. We could see some samples even in the forests, but we believe that these had rolled down the slopes that surround the platform.

On top of the mountain, fossils can be found in the highest numbers in some small canyons created by water streams. These irregularities are easily found all across the platform which except for these and the massif where the twin peaks of the mountain are, is almost perfectly flat.

One of these peaks is visibly sedimentary. The other appears to be igneous in origin. Maps of the area are not quite correct: in some, the Northern peak (sedimentary) appears as the highest, while in the case of other documents, it appears that the igneous peak is the main one.

If you visit the area, you should pay particular attention to a layer of very little round rocks and sand that covers almost everything that is not vertical, for this makes making walking up or downhill more strenuous and in some cases fairly dangerous: I almost fell 40 m thorough a cliff thanks to these BB-sized pebbles. Nevertheless, this little inconvenience allowed me to find the lowest fossil layer yet seen in the mountain.

Mount Plataforma.
Explorers working on fossil samples with a view of the sedimentary peak.

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