Don Pablo Edronkin

Mount Plataforma (VII).

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On another occasion, we attempted to climb the sedimentary peak and spent more than five hours to walk uphill a distance that otherwise would have taken no more than just an hour. This was done on the western side of the massif, and while we were going up and down and rocks fell upon us, we noticed that near us were the cliffs, and then it was something like 200m down to the base of the platform. There is no way to secure a rope there, and you would have to trust your own expertise. Since there are no fossils on that part of the mountain, I really don' recommend you to visit it.

However, after reaching the highest part of the massif - and rather annoyed by what we experienced on the western side - we decided to continue downhill and eastwards. After we found a couple of flat stones, we could do so by 'snowboarding' all the way down. Our ideas about skiketting began there and then, back in 1992.

We have not explored the whole mountain yet; however, we have documented all our findings extensively, using means such as video recorders and GPS systems.

During the last expedition to the area, in the austral summer of 1995, we had to deviate thanks to a significant finding (gold), and since then, we nave not returned to Cerro Plataforma. Nevertheless, thanks to some political connections we could secure the future of the mountain and its remarkable fossils by managing to include the area in a law passed by the argentine congress in 1997, in order to establish ecological reserves and protected areas.

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Mount Plataforma.
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