P. Edronkin

Lake Los Rizos (III).

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The problem with these walls is that coming from the east is impossible to see their shape. You only see the lake far below. But from Mount Hensley, located a little bit to the Southwest, the full shape and aspect of these walls becomes visible, and so we could plan a way down to the lake.

During the austral summer of 1999, in January, we took with us on a significant expedition a whole, pre-assembled geodesic dome made out of metal and composite materials, and so we erected the first 'cabin' or shelter in the lake.

The descent of the east walls was problematic, but we reached the lake successfully and had the shelter operational in a matter of hours. This shelter was later converted into a chapel, and still provides us and the very few who venture there with a valuable service.

In subsequent years, the shelter or chapel was refurbished and improved. We took all the tools and material required to convert this little shelter (it actually has place for more than 12 persons and their gear) into a centre or full base for our expeditions to various pints of the Blanco Valley, such as Lake Tres Islas (Three Islands), Mount 42, Mount Weichert, and the Anti - Blanco, in Chile (Lake Los Rizos is located almost at the border between Argentina and Chile, on the Argentinean side).

We also use these installations as a skiing centre: even during the summer it is possible to do a little 'skiketting' there.

Lake Los Rizos.
Reaching the chapel during a storm.

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