P. Edronkin

Lake Los Rizos (IV).

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On the other hand, the chapel itself is valuable for anyone venturing into nearby mountains, for safety reasons: in the event of a storm, accident or problem, mountaineers climbing the nearby Mount Bolsón, for example, may make use of this shelter located at an hour's walk. Other installations, like the Waldorf cabin, are reachable only after a day's walk thorough two mountains and a glacier.

In fact, during the year 2000, I directed a rescue mission on Mount Bolsón from Lake Los Rizos. It happened that two climbers suffered an accident on their way to the peak and disappeared, so the chapel or shelter actually proved its worth.

The chapel has been recently improved with the addition of rooms constructed entirely with stones found in the area, and it has now a very nice stone oven where visitors can cook any meal. It is to be noticed that while this chapel offers only very basic - almost nominal - comfort to its visitors and it has nothing to do with comparable shelters, such as those found in the Alps, given the conditions in which it was installed, it looks like a palace to anyone who reaches the lake.

The persons who took part on the construction or improvement works of this chapel are: Gustavo Sakuda, Federico Ferrero, Emiliano Paredes, Luciano Marcer, David Miranda, María Laura Fernández, Sergio Pastor and myself, Pablo Edronkin, all members of The Gea Org, the research and development group of Andinia.com LLC.

Transportation of equipment and provisions to Lake Los Rizos is only possible by foot or helicopter, although flying your way there might not be a very healthy proposition after all: an aircraft that ventured into the valley is still splattered against a nearby mountain thanks to the strong winds and turbulence found over the Blanco Valley.

Lake Los Rizos.
A view from the southern shore.

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