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Lake Los Rizos (V).

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The name of the lake - Breezes - is not coincidence: during our expedition to Mount Hensley, in 1998, we could barely walk without being lifted into the air thanks to those breezes. It was actually funny, but inconvenient.

So, on each trip we carry about 50 kg in our backpacks (that makes things easier), and since no horses can cross the nearby Glaciar de las Lagrimas (Glacier of Tears), you have to take all your things with you. These loads amount not only for our gear, but tooling and provisions essential for the expansion of our presence in the area as well.

For example, many expeditions to places such as Mount Hensley and Lake Tres Islas, starting at Lake Los Rizos ended with the installation of new shelters in those even more remote places, and we have even prepared four ourselves a 'winter sports resort' in a nearby melting glacier where we can practice during the whole day

This may sound to you like an exaggeration, but in regions such as Patagonia there are places where no human has ever been, and so, it is possible for anyone to make whatever you think true. Just follow the links found in this article, and you will see what I mean!

Lake Los Rizos is completely isolated from civilisation, and we have even watched very curious things there. During the summer, you should plan for a three to four days long trek to reach the lake. During the winter, access is possible only with snow rackets or skiing boards.

Lago Los Rizos.
A view of the Northern side of the lake,
with Mount Serrucho on the distance.

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