P. Edronkin

The Andinia Plan (I).

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The Andinia Plan is an alleged Jewish conspiracy to conquer Patagonia. Indeed, it is tightly related to nazism and racism; surprisingly, this notion has quite a few supporters around the globe, but especially among Argentinean and Chilean nationalist groups.

Being myself both an Argentinean as well as a Polish citizen living in Patagonia, I have heard a lot about this stuff for years, but at the same time, I always guessed that I could say a few things about dictatorships, conspiracies and countries that fell in disgrace.

In fact, the very idea of this conspiracy gave name to the website and company that I have created with a couple of business partners: Andinia.com is called exactly like that for many reasons, but my recollections about even mates at high school telling me about how the Israelis were about to grab Patagonia really kept bouncing inside my head, and definitely had a bearing on the final election of the company's name.

So, shortly after I began working on this search engine I published a very short article in Spanish (N.A: view a00006.html) saying that the whole business of the Andinia Plan was just a conspiracy theory with no contact with human common sense, and then, someone wrote me a piece of hate mail with a lot of misspellings (N.A: view a03511.shtml) which prompted me to do something more.

Thus, I published an open letter defying anyone who might want to attempt to prove the existence of the Andinia Plan to debate with me, with the condition that everything would be published.

In more recent times, I have received menacing messages and saw menacing posts in forums online by people who stated that they beolg to the 'services,' meaning the intelligence services of Argentina.

I have no way to verify this directly, but it would not be surprising - if anything - because of their demonstrated past racism. Remember that the Argentinean government (NOT the population, which sent more than 600 volunteer pilots to the RAF alone), during WWII was somewhat friendly to Hitler's Germany, and soon afterwards, provided a safe haven to war criminals.

And then, you have to consider what they did during the late seventies in the country... So I have to take these implicit threaths rather seriously and ask civil liberty groups, human rights organisations as well as prosecutors and politicians, both in the region and abroad, to keep an eye on these 'services,' because some interesting things may still be found, and as long as I keep receiving such pressures and subtle meesages, I shall continue asking third parties to investigate them.

This is not a conspiracy theory, but demonstrable facts.

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