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The Andinia Plan (III).

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They looked like artificial satellites, which you can see quite often here, but these three light spots were flying in formation, as an inverted 'L' (you can see an animation of this event by clicking here).

Initially, the spectacle just amused us because it is quite uncommon to see such an orbital business going on. I just saw once a space shuttle docking at the late Mir space station.

We thought that this could be related to the International Space Station (ISS), but no: the ISS doesn't move in 'jumps' across the ski.

What was it? I really don't know. Playing with the odds, it could have been a group of real UFOs, or it could have been anything else. Time will tell...

Anyway, going back to the Andinia Plan and our Earthlings, some may believe that talking or becoming a 'pen pal' with nazis and intolerant people is a waste of time, or giving them publicity. However, I think that the topic of anti - Semitism in particular, and racism in general, albeit considered wrong by the vast majority around the world, is treated mostly as a taboo.

This, in my opinion, only gives additional stimulii for 'borderline' people who might be thinking to join, just because of its exoticism or as a reaction to society at large.

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