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Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to confront the issue and clearly and openly explain why such ideas are wrong. You may not convince those who are already convinced, but you may avoid other people from joining the ranks of the hateful.

Let there be no doubt about this: every person that sent me a letter availing the notion of the existence of this alleged conspiracy also manifested his or her displease about the Jewish people. I am not Jewish, neither have any business with Israel, but based on the information at hand, which I have published in its entirety, I think that the bottom line here is that this vaporous conspiracy is really just an intellectual vehicle to vent off racist resentments.

No government, especially those of Argentina and Chile has taken seriously this conspiracy which dates back to the earliest part of the twentieth century, neither did any army consider this as a serious menace. This alone should be enough.

The debate was edited in its original Spanish. If you can understand the language and have the guts (it is more than 500 pages long), or would like to use a translator, please follow this link.

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