P. Edronkin

The Blanco Region (II).

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However, during an expedition to the nearby Mount Bolsón, in 1983, I could see from its peak on a rare clear day (you either have the clouds above or below you most of the time), that access to the deeps of the Blanco Valley (more than 1.000 metres below) was really possible thanks to a small water stream that had carved its way down in a fashion more convenient for individuals without their own wings.

So, during the next summer, in 1984, another expedition crossed the Southern Blanco Valley and reached the peak of Mount Roca del Tiempo, on the other side. We were the first climbers that ever reached the summit of this particular mountain as well as the first persons to successfully venture into the Blanco Valley.

The reason was that nobody realised before that such a trek was possible: Mount Bolsón received at that time an average of one visitor per year, and certainly the four or five that had been there before us did not pay attention or could not see what we say in 1983.

In fact, the last visit before ours, in 1973, was made by an ex Waffen Ss officer who actually wrote a confession and left it there inside a can of food.

the Blanco region.
Explorers of The Gea Org building a geodesic shelter at
Lake Los Rizos, during the austral summer, 1998-1999.

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