P. Edronkin

The Blanco Region (III).

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With a height of 2.077 metres above the sea and a peculiar shape, Mount Bolsón is one of the dominant viewpoints of the area: from there you can see and study at least fourteen other peaks, four lakes and three sub-valleys.

However, since access to the area is prohibitive for many, the region has not been explored except by our own expeditions.

Therefore, I have decided to include a list of links where you will find information related to each one of the points that we have already explored.

Please bear in mind that the following descriptions and the pictures that you are about to see were not obtained during what most know as adventure travel or trekking expeditions, but during authentic long-range expeditions lasting weeks, and where emergencies, rescue operations, blizzards and even actual firearm combat against smugglers and looters have taken place.

the Blanco region.
Explorers from The Gea Org at the source of the Southern Blanco River.

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