P. Edronkin

Mount Bolsón (IV).

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The Glacier of Tears is reached always during the afternoon. If the guide of the expedition sees clouds near the peak of Mount Bolsón, even if they are small, the group has to stop and stay at Camp David, or dig a ditch and cover everything with ponchos, as soon as possible: in less than thirty minutes a blizzard will develop.

Walking thorough a snowstorm is actually possible, but crossing a glacier is quite another thing: even the easiest way across the Glacier of Tears requires the use of ropes and climbing gear, for there are a few crevasses to jump, and with low visibility, strong winds and other factors affecting the judgement and performance of a climber, doing that would not be safe.

Mount Bolsón.
A view the glacier with unstable formations below the southern crest.
These produce huge avalanches that prevent camping at the lakes.

This is why we have erected the shelter at Camp David, which is actually a very low construction, because of the strong winds. The name comes from a tradition that our group has had for a long time: we christen each one such shelters with the name of the youngest person participating in the expedition. Camp David received its name from David Miranda, the youngest apprentice that we had back in 1999.

Mount Bolsón.
Visiting one of the lakes below the glacier.

Camp David is located at some distance from the glacier and its lakes (approximately at 1 km) because of the frequent avalanches that fall from the glacier and into the lakes. The strong winds coming from the west produce some ice and snow formations on the southern crest of Mount Bolsón which during the spring tend to break down, causing those avalanches.

Mount Bolsón.
A stop at Mount Bolsón's main glacial lake.

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