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Mount Bolsón (VI).

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If you continue to the Southwest, you will reach Mount Trapalanda, on the border between Argentina and Chile.

Going further throrough the border, you will reach Mount Hensley, Mount Weichert, Lake Three Islands, Mount 42 and eventually, Mount Serrucho. This trip would take you a couple of days over uncharted terrain, but the view to the west is quite impressive.

Mount Bolsón.
The entrance to an ice cave under the glacier of Mount Bolsón.

Going south means climbing your way down from Mount Trapalanda to the southern arm of the Anti-Blanco valley, in Chile, and entering Argentina again, further south you will find the very nice Mount Aguja Norte, which translates as 'the Northern Needle.'

On Mount Bolsón you can practice your climbing skills, both in rock walls as well as ice. You can also do some extreme winter sports, even during the austral summer. The mountain is reachable with a three-day long expedition. Without a backpack, you can reach it in just a day, but you would not have enough time to go back to Villa Puelo before the night falls.

Mount Bolsón.
Mount Bolsón as seen from Mount 42, on the deepest part of the
Blanco Valley. On the far East (bottom), Mount Piltriquitron
can be seen. This picture was taken from the international border.

The mountains of Patagonia are, generally speaking, similar to the Scandinavian Alps, and the weather is equally cold. The main difference is that while in Scandinavia, as in other parts of Europe, there are human beings living here and there, Patagonia is barren. People live only in a few towns and don't usually venture in the mountains.

During the time of Butch Cassidy, who - by the way - used to live nearby, it took up to two months to cross the Andes. Consider the fact, for example, that Villa Puelo lies at approximately 140 km from Bariloche, the most important city in the area, located to the North, and Esquel, at 150 km to the South. Chile lies to the West, and the Patagonian desert to the East.

Mount Bolsón.
Late afternoon on Camp David, with a view of Mount Bolsón.

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