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Mount Gamma (II).

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On the eastern side of Mount Gamma there are some constructions and signs of civilisation: the old Waldorf cabin, an unfinished construction, a couple of corrals, and the sacked and destroyed New Waldorf cabin.

These are the last signs of humankind that the explorer will see on the Andes, while going westward, and thus Mount Gamma could be considered as the true entrance to the Blanco region.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
A view of the important glacier at Mount Bolsón, as seen from Mount Gamma.

Mount Gamma offers spectacular views of the surrounding area, and it is even possible to see a number of condors flying near Mount Bolsón, where they have their nests. Pumas have also been reported on Mount Gamma.

An excursion following the arched rocky crest that binds Mount Gamma and Mount Gea is particularly recommendable for taking some nice pictures of the patagonian Andes.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
A view of the Patagonian Andes near Mount Gamma.

Unlike most mountains in the region, Mount Gamma can be reached in just a day, but to make the trip a little more comfortable, it is better to plan for a an excursion lasting two days.

The first one will be used on your trek uphill, until reaching the Waldorf area, and the second, to wander there and return later to Villa Puelo.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
Federico Ferrero, Luciano Marcer and the author on the peak of Mount Gamma.

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