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Mount Gea (I).

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Mount Gea (1.936 m.) is like a twin brother of Mount Gamma, located somewhat to the Northeast. It is not a difficult mountain, but possesses a very nice view of Mount Bolsón and Lake Puelo, a few kilometres down to the South East.

This mountain is located in the Blanco Region, in the Argentinean section of Patagonia, and marks the entrance to the high Andes; that is, the region where there is no vegetation, climate is sub polar, and eternal snow and ice cover most of the landscape.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
A view to the East: EL Bolson Valley and Mount Piltriquitron.

To the East of this mountain, the broad El Bolson valley and the small town of Villa Puelo are located, among with the dense Valdivian or Patagonian forests that cover the hills, mountains and a big proportion of the flat terrain found in this part of the Andes.

To the West, and until the explorer reaches Lake Los Rizos, the landscape is devoid of plants or habitations. There is nothing except rock, snow and wind - even in summer -. Climate is subpolar and snowstorms take place during the whole year, so survival becomes questionable.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
An abandoned cabin on Mount Gea's Northeastern face.

The area posesses a local micro - climate, probably due to the peculiar characteristics of Mount Mourrudo, which lies a couple of kilometres to the West. The main characteristic of the area's weather is the relentless of storms of all kinds.

Mount Gea is also an obliged point to pass for any and all expeditions going to Mount Bolsón or Lake Los Rizos, located beyond that mountain and to the West.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
Lake Puelo, as seen from Mount Gea.

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