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Mount Gea (II).

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This mountain is limited on its Northern side by a valley and Mount Gamma, to the East, by the El Bolson Valley, to the South, by a deep canyon and Mount Aguja Norte, and to the West, by yet another canyon and Mount Bolsón.

On the bottom of this canyon, the members of The Gea Org have built a shelter, called Camp David, which is used as a safe point by all expeditions going to the deep section of the Blanco Valley.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
Near the summit of Mount Gea, with Mount Bolsón at the bottom.

Guides an leaders of all expeditions going to that area and passing Mount Gea should consider it as the point of no return: there they must decide whether they will attempt to cross the significant Glacier of Tears, at Mount Bolsón, during the same day, or else, they have to turn they way down and spend the night at Camp David.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
To the Southeast: Mount Tres Picos, a particularly dangerous mountain.

Mount Gea does is not actually a dangerous mountain. In fact, it is very easy to climb. However, given its location, all explorers and trekkers who reach it are generally tired after a long march, and the feat of going thorough its easy but rather long slopes can end being quite extenuating.

Mount Gamma, Villa Puelo, Patagonia.
The peak of Mount Gea; view from the north.

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