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The Southern Blanco River and its Valley (I).

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The valley that the Southern Blanco River, in Argentina, has carved is approximately 20 km long, and it is mostly inaccessible. In fact, it wasn't until 1984 that humans set foot on it: The expedition that reached Mount Roca del Tiempo on the ninth day of March of that year had to cross this valley in order to actually start climbing the mountain in question.

This was indispensable, for Mount Roca del Tiempo is completely surrounded by the different fingers or water streams that form the Blanco River, which, in turn, goes from West to East thorough very deep and vertical canyons.

the Blanco Valley, Chubut, Argentina.
The first picture ever taken in the
Southern Blanco, in March 1984.

The Southern Blanco River is quite turbulent and transports a significant amount of water. This typical mountain river feeds itself from various sources both directly and idirectly, including glaciers snowfields and lakes.

the Blanco Valley, Chubut, Argentina.
Lake Tres Islas, as seen from Mount Weichert.

Its more important sources are:

1)- Lake Los Rizos.

2)- Lake Tres Islas.

3)- Blanco's Tube.

This river has a general inverted 'L' shape and surrounds Mout Roca del Tiempo's southern face.

the Blanco Valley, Chubut, Argentina.
The chapel that we built at Lake Los Rizos.

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