P. Edronkin

The Southern Blanco River and its Valley (II).

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While access to the lower part of the Blanco River is now possible, after reaching the point where the Southern River intersects the Central stream, deep canyons and highly turbulent waters prevent any further advance.

The river at that point is quite strong, dangerous and deep, so it is impossible to use the stream itself to walk or paddle your way up to the west, to its sources, and walking on its shores becomes also impossible due to the nearly 1.000 m high, vertical walls that surround it there.

the Blanco Valley, Chubut, Argentina.
The third source for the Southern Blanco River is this turn in the
valley, where it feeds from Mount Serrucho (letf) and
Mount Roca del Tiempo, to the east.

Thus, the only way to reach the Southern Blanco Valley requires a trek thorough Mount Gea, Mount Bolsón and its glacier, until you reach Lake Los Rizos, where you can start actually going down to the deepest parts of the valley.

All possible routes that lead to the actual bottom of the valley are strenuous, to say the least. In fact, their characteristics have had a strong influence on the design and qualities of the equipment that the explorers of The Gea Org. have and use in the area.

the Blanco Valley, Chubut, Argentina.
Lake Los Rizos and far beyond, Mount Serrucho.

The general aspect of this valley is rather curious. It is totally pristine, since no humans have ever been there except for us, and the best way to describe how it looks like is to remember the way in which the city of Rivendell was presented in the movie 'The Lord of the Rings.'

the Blanco Valley, Chubut, Argentina.
Descending to the Blanco Valley.

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