P. Edronkin

Mount Hensley (I).

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Moutn Hensley (1.932 m) is located exactly at the border between Argentina and regional_chileen.shtml, barely five kilometres south from the 42nd parallel. There are no marks on its top indicating the fact that this is an international mountain. The place is desolate.

This mountain was firstly climbed by Gustavo Sakuda, Luciano Marcer, Federico Ferrero and the author, Pablo Edronkin, during the austral summer of 1998.

Mount Hensley is not a difficult mountain to climb. Just the last part of the route coming from the East offers some problems and deserves attention, mainly because of the important vertical walls that exist on both sides of the passage.

Mount Hensley.
A small glacier filled with crevasses on the Anti - Blanco.

The weather is also a factor to be considered, and while it is possible to reach Mount Hensley and return from places like Waldorf in just a day, it is wiser and more prudent to stay at Lago Los Rizos for a couple of nights in order to visit the area.

Form the base installed by The Gea Org a couple of years ago, the peak of Mount Hensley can be reached in about an hour. Attempting to do so coming from the Waldorf cabin takes at least six hours.

Mount Hensley is the peak that determines a change in the direction in the chain or crest that binds Mount Bolsón and Mount Serrucho, a couple of kilometres to the Northwest.

Mount Hensley.
The mountains in Chile that can be seen from Mount Hensley.

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