Don Pablo Edronkin

Blanco's Tube (II).

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The pass itself is not quite amicable; speaking about a 'pass' there is a relative thing. However, it might be possible either to cross it and continue thorough Mount Serrucho to the north and then descend where there is no more vegetation, or attempt to climb down from the pass to the bottom of the Blanco Valley.

A feature which has called our attention is a rock formation that the water stream encounters, forming a very deep and narrow canyon or a natural tube. We could see it with the aid of binoculars, but could not define clearly its nature. Indeed, it would be an interesting structure for amateur and professional geologists.

Blanco's tube, Rio Negro, Argentina.
Three explorers that have seen the Tube: from left to right,
the author, zPablo Edronkin, zFederico Ferrero and David Miranda. The
picture shows the Anti-Blanco,to the west, and Lake Azul, in Chile.

This feature, which we know as 'Blanco's tube' is rare, for in the area all streams of water have carved deep, but relatively open canyons due to the nature of the rock strata found there, and it seems that the rock that lies there is somewhat different.

However, the whole Blanco Valley is peculiar, and the overall characteristics of the valley may explain this particular occurrence. For example: Mount Hensley and Mount 42 are typical granite mountains, but this rock is quite uncommon in this area of Patagonia and in such a location.

Granite normally appears in the southernmost part of Patagonia, which encompasses mountains like Mount Fitz Roy, at Santa Cruz Province, in Argentina.

Blanco's tube, Rio Negro, Argentina.
A view of Blanco's tube; the linear shadow is in fact this.
peculiar feathure of the terrain. What you see in the picture,
taken from Mount 42, is a territory where no human has ever been.

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