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Mount Lindo (I).

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The peak of Mount Lindo - which, by the way, means 'Nice' - is located at 41° 57' 32,4" S, 71° 40' 53,2" W, at 2.100 m.

This mountain belongs to a group of three that mark the northern limits of the Blanco Region. The other two are Mount Alicia and Mount Entre Lagos.

This region is determined by the Blanco River and its three 'fingers' or sub streams, which are:

1)- The Southern Blanco River.

2)- The Middle or Central Blanco River.

3)- The Northern Blanco River.

Mount Lindo.
A view of the canyon between Mount Lindo (left) and Mount
sin nombre. The picture was taken from the city of El Bolson.

Mount Lindo is lies exactly at the north of the third branch of the Blanco.

We have explored the main Blanco River from the place where it joins the Rio Azul or Blue River, and westwards, until the water stream breaks into its three constituents.

Apart from this, we have explored the Southern Blanco Valley and its river. The remaining central and northern sections of the regions will be explored as we advance from south to north.

Indeed, our strategy implies the exploration of this whole region, which is the size of a major city and encompasses dozens of still-uncharted mountains, glaciers and lakes.

Mount Lindo.
Another view fo the Lindo Canyon, and the city of el Bolsón.

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