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Mount Lindo (II).

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Nevertheless, we have already visited the northern limits of the Blanco region in order to acquire information which would be helpful in determining the steps to follow during this project, and Mount Lindo has not been an exception in this regard.

It is fairly easy to reach the peak of Mount Lindo. There is even a cabin that belongs to the local mountaineering club (Club Andino Piltriquitrón), which has its main offices at El Bolson City, (Río Negro, Argentina). This cabin has two keepers which are in charge of supervising its maintenance and also act as forest rangers.

Mount Lindo.
Mount Lindo's hostel-cabin.

Many people visit this cabin or hostel during the summer; while it has been constructed about forty years ago, in recent times it has seen an increase in its popularity both for tourists as well as locals seeking some weekend adventure.

The trek from the valley and up to the cabin is really nice, with picturesque woods, streams and roc walls, and the way up from this cabin (Refugio Cerro Lindo) and up to the peak is also without difficulties.

The only thing that you should pay attention to is that after you enter the high-mountain area, where there is scant or no vegetation, you will also enter a place called 'The Moon Valley' for its appearance, but there is a parallel and very similar structure to the north called 'Valley of the lost ones.'

Mount Lindo.
The hostel's little water stream.

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