Don Pablo Edronkin

Mount Lindo (III).

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You can imagine from where does that name come from; in fact, many of those who are returning from Mount Lindo's peak confuse the entrance to these valleys, and end lost. There have been a couple of serious cases regarding these valleys, and I have participated in a rescue operation to find three lost students there, in 1993.

The peak of Mount Lindo is rather dull for climbers, but it offers a nice view, especially to the south, where a precipice of about 1.500 m gives way to the Blanco River. In fact, from the area of Mount Lindo and Mount Alicia you can obtain some of the best and most complete views of the whole Blanco region and its mountains, and this is why because, despite the fact that we don't usually visit places frequented by tourists, we went to Mount Lindo a couple of times.

Mount Lindo.
The snowfields near Mount lIndo's glacier.

You will need a whole day in order to make the walk from and return to the cabin. Therefore, excursions to Mount Lindo should last for at least three days: one for the way up to the cabin, another for visiting the peak and its surroundings, and the third one to return to El Bolson.

Mount Alicia's peak lies quite near Mount Lindo's, but there is a quite impressive canyon or precipice between both of them, which scares almost every visitor. Thus, Mount Alicia is visited only by seasoned climbers, while Mount Lindo receives all kinds of visitors.

During 1994, in the middle of our second expedition to the northern limits of the Blanco, we planned to spend a night near the glacier of Mount Lindo, in order to cross it during the following day and reach a couple of lakes lying to the west.

Mount Lindo.
Our camp near the glacier, in 1994.

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