P. Edronkin

Mount Lindo (IV).

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Unfortunately, a blizzard ruined our plans. Nevertheless, this particular expedition allowed us to obtain pictures and information which was indispensable for our plans. In fact, from what we could learn from this particular trip we took the decisions that a couple of years later meant the installation of a few shelters and bases that we still use to advance our exploration efforts in the area, such as:

1)- Nuevo Waldorf.

2)- Camp David.

3)- Lake Los Rizos.

4)- Lake Tres Islas.

Mount Lindo.
A view of the Blanco, from Mount Lindo's peak.

The following is the text translated from my own log, which I wrote as the leader of the expedition, the night that winds destroyed our camp:

'10/1/94 - At approximately 0:30, Gustavo [Sakuda] and I [the author] decided to start filming the situation in which we found ourselves, with strong winds and very cold rain.

We radioed the other tent in order to warn them to pay attention to the wind an all possible filtrations of water. The tents and their components went loose all the time, and just when I turned my camcorder on, our tent was ripped off by a very strong wind gust; it soon became apparent that the tent had been destroyed and could not be repaired. Therefore, I decided to abandon it.

Mount Lindo.
Crevasses on Mount Alicia's glacier, as seen from Mount Lindo.

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