P. Edronkin

Mount Lindo (V).

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However, a few seconds after we entered the other tent and repaired one of its components, it suffered a similar fate, so that at 0:30 we found ourselves at 1.730 m with a wind that could push any of us to the ground (about 100 km/h), two hours away from the cabin, and under a strong rain.

In a couple of minutes we manage to construct an emergency shelter for ourselves, using the remains of both tents, our sleeping bags and a poncho. Our Gore-Tex® clothing proved its worth in order to keep us relatively warm and dry.

Cold was intense, and the wind gusts that came were so strong that we could actually hear them as they approached rolling down the glacier. We knew then that we had to brace ourselves for the incoming hits every time we heard the same noise. It was like a roulette of fate.

Mount Lindo.
The Valley of the Los Ones.

We did not want to sleep despite the fact that we were on a rather uncomfortable and difficult situation. It was dark, and thus, we remained there for about seven hours until I went out of the shelter at dawn, put a poncho over me and passed the remaining ponchos to the others.

Then, we began preparing our backpacks, were we tried to put the things that we could find scattered on the ground. Cesar [Prat] was the slowest.

Mount Lindo.
Lengas at the Valley of the Lost Ones.

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