P. Edronkin

Mount Lindo (VI).

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Afterwards we began to walk, first under rain, and then under heavy snowfall. When we reached the canyon where both valleys open, very strong winds made Emiliano [Paredes] loose his balance, and a few items of our gear were lost, swallowed by the mountain. A bag full of provisions had to be abandoned, and Cesar marched in a state of shock.

As we crossed a big snowfield Emiliano lost some more things that could not be recovered by anyone. Emiliano suffered frostbite on both his hands, and Cesar on his hands and feet.

Mount Lindo.
A view to the south, at the Blanco Valley.

It could be figured that as we were approaching the cabin, the weather began to improve...'

Of course, we later went back to recover our gear, but the tents were damaged beyond repair. Despite that, the next day we continued our visit to Mount Lindo and Mount Alicia as if nothing had happened.

Mount Lindo.
Emiliano Paredes, Gustavo Sakuda and the author at the peak of
Mount Lindo, while updating the group's log.

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