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Mount Alicia (I).

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Mount Alicia (2.200 m) is a mountain that lies very near Mount Lindo. In fact, only a deep canyon separates both peaks, but the linear distance between them is less than half a kilometre.

This mountain, which marks the northern limit of the Blanco region was christened by a well-known explorer of the region, Dr. Rodolfo Venzano. Alicia is the name of his daughter.

Mount Lindo is an easy feat for visitors; Mount Alicia is definitely not. The peak of Mount Lindo is visited by dozens of trekkers during the summer, while Mount Alicia's receives only a couple. To reach it, in fact, ice climbing equipment is mandatory.

Mount Alicia, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
Mount Alicia, as seen from the summit of Mount Lindo.

Mount Alicia has the following limits:

1)- To the north, Mount Sin Nombre (which translates as 'Without Name').

2)- To the west, Mount Entre Lagos ('Between Lakes').

3)- To the south, the Northern Blanco Valley.

4)- To the east, Mount Lindo ('Nice').

Access is firstly achieved by reaching Mount Lindo. In fact, it is necessary to reach the peak of the latter in order to actually begin climbing to get to Mount Alicia's summit.

Mount Alicia, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
View of the southern tip of Mount Alicia's glacier.

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