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Mount Alicia (II).

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The first obstacle that the climber finds on his (or her) way to the mountains is the very deep and steep canyon that lies in-between both mountains. This natural formation of about 400 m of depth scares many a visitor, and it is the main reason that prevents most people from reaching Mount Alicia.

This structure is not actually very difficult or dangerous but indeed requires some degree of expertise in climbing techniques.

Once this canyon is crossed, the climber is faced with two choices in order to reach the summit of Mount Alicia: firstly, there is a direct route, going up and westwards, crossing the small glacier there that nevertheless and as in the case of any glacier, requires adequate ice climbing gear.

Mount Alicia, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
View from the summit to the southwest: the Blanco Valley.

Secondly, there is a longer route that goes around the peak, counter clockwise and to the north, and then westwards, until the occidental crest of the mountain is reached. This is a much longer albeit safer and easier route.

As simple as this second route may be, when compared with the direct one, it still requires safety equipment and precautions. It is not recommended to attempt climbing Mount Alicia either without adequate experience or gear.

In fact, since the climb to Mount Alicia is not a day-long proposition itself, and many obstacles found there may look small enough as not to merit the use of safety equipment, this mountain, apart from its own characteristics, can be dangerous for climbers may feel tempted to avoid the use of such measures.

Mount Alicia, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
View from the summit to the south: Mount Roca del Tiempo.

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