P. Edronkin

Mount Alicia (IV).

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There are some interesting views to experience there. For example, the great 'mallines' or bogs formed on the eastern side of Mount Gamma can be seen in all their extension. This uncommonly big area of bogs to the south of Mount Alicia is where the celebrated Waldorf cabin has been constructed.

On the other hand, from Mount Alicia's peak it is possible to view the whole northern side of Mount Roca del Tiempo, and although on this particular side there is much less snow and vegetation than on its southern side, it is still interesting to see the whole extension of this long mountain that is oriented in the direction east-west.

We have visited this area (Mount Lindo and Mount Alicia) during 1993 and 1994 as part of our ongoing exploration of the Blanco region.

Mount Alicia, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
View from the summit to the northeast: Mount Sin Nombre.

The 'true' austral summer at these latitudes lasts for about two months, between January and February each year, which allows only limited access to the patagonian Andes. The snow during the winter, and the lack of roads, inhabitants, etc. prevents the explorer from reaching these mountains during the rest of the year.

During both years in which we visited the area, the weather was not very good, there was plenty of snow and temperatures were rather low. However, during some years you may enjoy better weather. Anyway, the visitor should take into account that the Patagonian weather, and especially the one corresponding to the Andean district is particularly unstable.

An interesting feature of Mount Alicia and its surroundings is that many points of interest for the visitor, such as lakes, glaciers, water streams and others seem to be closer. That is, the distance between them is somewhat lesser than in the case of most mountains in Patagonia.

Mount Alicia, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
View from the summit to the east: el El Bolsón Valley.

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