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Mount Aguja Norte (I).

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Mount Aguja Norte (1.964 m.), which translates as 'The Northern Needle' is found just north of the Puelo Lake, in Patagonia. It is an international mountain, for part of it belongs to Argentina, and about the other half, to Chile.

This beautiful mountain, which lives up to its name, is limited to the west by the lacustre plains called LLanada Grande (Chile), formed by the Puelo Lake system. On the east, inside Argentina, the mountain is limited by Mount Currumahuida and the El Bolson Valley. On the south, Lake Puelo separates it from its sister, Mount Aguja Sur ('The Southern Needle'), which lies a couple of kilometres across the water. On the north, Mount Aguja Norte is delimited by Mount Bolsón.

Mount Aguja Norte.
Mount Aguja Norte during the austral summer of 1995, as seen from
Mount Bolsón's glacier, a few kilometres to the north.

The division created by the melting water from local glaciers between Mounts Bolsón and Aguja Norte has carved deep valleys on both sides of the border. It is to be noted that streams that go eastwards are considered to be Argentine, while those going westwards belong to Chilean territory.

Precisely, to the north west, as measured from Mount Aguja Norte's peak, lies a spectacular formation called Anti - Blanco, which has, inside Argentinean territory, an analogue formation called the Blanco Valley.

The Anti - Blanco has a rough 'Y' shape, where its base is found at Lago Las Rocas, in Chile, and both fingers reach the border and feed from glaciers and snowfields found there.

The southern 'finger' of this valley originates precisely in the pass between Mount Trapalanda, Mount Bolsón and Mount Aguja Norte.

Mount Aguja Norte.
The Puelo Lake system:
to the right, the lower part of
Mount Aguja Norte. Aerial view
from the east.

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