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Mount Aguja Norte (II).

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On one side of this valley lies this mountain, which has a long curved, banana-like shape. On the other side, there is a series of peaks like Mount trapalanda, Mount Hensley, Mount Weichert and Mount 42, and a lake called Tres Islas. This chain ends at Mount Serrucho, which marks the beginning of the other finger of the Anti- Blanco, by means of a nice waterfall coming from its glacier, and at the same time, this mountain feeds the analogous or 'mirrored' river on the Argentinean side, which is the Southern Blanco River.

A very curious thing to be seen on Mount Aguja Norte is the secondary summit. Both summits are really like needles, but on this one the top has broken down and lies on one of it sides nearby.

Mount Aguja Norte.
A view of the nearly-unknown Anti-Blanco Valley, located on the
boreal face of Mount Aguja Norte, as seen from Mount Trapalanda.

In order to reach this mountain, it is possible to start climbing at Puelo's northern shore, both in Argentina as well as in Chile. However, an alternative consists in reaching first Lake Los Rizos, where we have constructed a cabin there a few years ago.

The advantage of this route is that since Lake Los Rizos is not far away from Mount Aguja Norte, it can be used as a base camp for longer expeditions, and also for visiting other peaks in the area without actually having to go back to the valleys.

From Lake Los Rizos many peaks, including the Aguja Norte, could be reached in less than a day.

The trip from Mount Trapalanda, just north of the Aguja Norte, should be done with caution, for there are important vertical walls and precipices, but alas, this gives the place quite a view.

Mount Aguja Norte.
To the left, a view of Mount Aguja Norte during the
austral summer (January) of year 2002.

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