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Mount Trapalanda.

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Mount Trapalanda (1.930 m.) is located within the Blanco region of Patagonia, approximately at 42 degrees south, and in the border between Argentina and Chile.

It is not a particularly attractive mountain, and it does not qualify as a challenging summit in any way. However, it has some important features.

Mount Trapalanda.
The nearby cabin at Lake Los Rizos.

Its limits are:

1)- To the north east, Mount Bolsón.

2)- To the south, Mount Aguja Norte.

3)- To the east, an unnamed valley that leads directly to Lake Puelo.

4)- To the north, the valley of Lake Los Rizos

5)- To the west, Mount Hensley.

Mount Trapalanda is the best choice as a waypoint to pass between Mount Aguja Norte and Mount Bolsón.

This little mountain was first explored in 1998, not because of some peculiar difficulty attached to it, but simply because nobody cared before.

Cerro Trapalanda.
Federico Ferrero, Luciano Marcer and the autor on Cerro Trapalanda's summit
during the austral summer of 1998.

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