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Before You Quit, Recommit (I).

By David Goldin -.

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Instant gratification should never be part of the marketing scenario. That isn't to say that once a marketing campaign has been launched we won't welcome instant results, but more times than not, it takes a bit more grit to push a campaign toward it's desired results.

Many, many business owners quit their marketing strategy before it has had a realistic amount of time to really work. Rather than quit your campaign, tweak it. Adjust, be flexible, and track results for a committed period of time. Just because it isn't working, doesn't mean it won't work.

So before you quit, recommit by evaluating your strategy as follows:

1)- is the campaign diverse enough? Don't depend on one element in marketing to get the job done. Often it's diversifying that makes the biggest impact. In other words, don't just put out classified ads.

Consider solo ads, opt-in email campaigns, newsletter publishing, article publishing, article syndication, affiliate programs, etc. Putting your name out there by every conceivable means will enable you to increase exposure and pull in results.

Consumers begin to feel they know you because they keep seeing you pop up. This in turn creates confidence in your buying audience. Plan a campaign that is several levels deep instead of depending on one avenue to bring in business.

2)- Are you tracking results for each campaign? Tracking does not mean just the acquisition of a sale. Aha, got a sale therefore it must be working. This isn't not tracking simply because you have no idea which method brought in the sale.

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