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Use coded URL's for each campaign to track the real time results. It's as easy as adding a little coding to your domain name in the ad. Have your technical person help by setting up tracking URL's to utilize in all your campaigns.

Keep each tracking system separate for each campaign so that you can monitor the results. Then give the campaign time to send you real results. Often you need two to three weeks before you can determine if a particular advertising method is working. If it isn't don't abandon ship just yet.

3)- Are you hitting your target market? The most frequent problem with an advertising campaign is the market you are targeting. If it is off, even just slightly, it may flop horrendously.

If a particular marketing campaign is not pulling leads that turn into sales, look closely to be sure that you are indeed hitting your target market? Evaluate who is reading your ads or promotions and if these people are the very best people to market your service or product. A little adjustment can go a long way toward increasing sales.

4)- Are you providing payment options? This one is easy. You may be bringing in the leads, but no one is buying. Why? It's often your payment options. If you only accept PayPal or snail mail orders your doomed on the Internet.

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