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Goals and Visions Unlimited (II).

By David Cameron Gikandi -.

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Make life goals that include your business and marketing. Do not make business goals only by themselves on the side and forget life goals as this will actually short-circuit the business goals. Everything works together as a system. So here we go:

1)- List what you would like to have, do and be between now and the next 30 years. List everything you can think of, small and large. Places to visit, things to have, residences, experiences, partners, skills to acquire, things to do, people to meet, projects, charities, health, habits - everything!

This is not a list of what you think you can achieve. It is a list of what would give you the most incredible life of you liking, whether you think you can achieve it or not. A life that is unbelievably fantastic for you.

Your list should have at least 100 things in there - it is not hard to come up with at least 100 things for 30 years. To be very wealthy, have about 5,000 things - even small details regarding your desires should be in there.

2)- For each goal you listed, write the reasons why you wish to have it. If for example you wish to have a large home, write down the reasons why. In other words, what will you do with and in this home?

Put drama into it. Reasons empower your goal and make it easier to imagine and visualize and attain it. They give life to it and make the subconscious accept it a whole lot better.

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